Tom Delonge’s UFO Timeline Part 2

The Core Story

In 2016 and 2017, Tom Delonge gave interviews to multiple podcasts discussing these UFO phenomenons after collecting his advisors and learning their insights to the UFO disclosure. 

For this video, I took all the points of information Tom Delonge said about the UFO phenomena and placed them in chronological timeline of events. Through the video, I will present information that supports Tom’s claims. Tom Delonge has done more for advancing the subject of UFOs so it’s important to take the things he say seriously.

We’ll be focusing on these following questions accordingly to Tom Delonge. 

How long have they been here? 

To what extent have they meddled in human affairs? 

Why are they here? 

What is behind these UFOs?


These are the source interviews I used to formulate this video. I recommend everyone listen to these and think for yourself. 

Coast to Coast Podcast 2016

Fade to Black 2016 Ep. 515 Jimmy Church with Tom Delonge: Sekret Machine

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