To the Stars…Academy of Arts & Science

The Team of People Behind to The Stars Academy of Arts & Science

The company created by Tom Delonge, former Blink-182 member created To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science in regards to the UFO phenomena and disclosure.

To the Stars is a company that is devoted to three main aspects of the UFO phenomena.

  1. A science divisions devoted to researching and better understanding what is behind the phenomena
  2. Aerospace division devoted to developing new technologies and propulsion energy and communication
  3. Entertainment division devoted to creating media that discloses information regarding the UFO phenomena to the public through film, television, and art.

 Initially, when Tom Delonge started this company, many individuals were skeptical of the claims including Joe Rogan. However, when you look at the group of people from within the government in academia that he was cultivated and who are willing to be publicly associated with this company and it’s disclosure mission, you are forced to consider the credibility of Tom and what he claims.

The group of people part of Tom Delonge team aren’t random UFO nuts that live in the middle of nowhere claiming to have seen lights in the sky. They come from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world and have some of the most impressive resumes of any officials to come forward and publicly say that UFOs are real. Let’s look closer at the team behind To the Stars. 

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