Robert Hastings and the UFO Nuclear Connection

The Life and Works of Robert Hastings

Robert Hastings is a well respected UFO researcher that has one of the first research that writes about the connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons. Robert Hastings would amass declassified government documents describing UFO interference with nuclear weapons and he would also find credible retired military witnesses to testify their UFO experiences while working at nuclear missile silos.

Robert Hastings would focus on credible military personnel and documents. His researches are considered as some of the best evidence that Earth is being visited by UFOs and aliens. 

Robert Hastings prides credible sources so much that he is often turned off by other UFO researchers who he claims do not present proper evidence.  In this video, we’ll be covering the life and work of Robert Hastings, and focus on some of these questions. 

Who is Robert Hastings?

What has Robert Hastings researched?

What is the connection between UFOs and nukes?

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