Ninel Kulagina the Soviet Telekinesis

Life of Ninel Kulagina, a Women from the Soviet Union with Alleged Telekinetic Abilities

The 20th century existed in the shadow of the Cold War, an ideological struggle between communism and capitalism. During the second half of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States both invested heavily into paranormal and parapsychology research. This race detained the unknown operations like Project Stargate, Project Artichoke, and MK-ULTRA.

One of the driving forces behind this psy race was a soviet housewife name Ninel Kulagina. A former Soviet soldier, Ninel Kulagina claimed to have been able to move objects with her mind or telekinesis. When the Soviet government found out about her in the 1960s, they began to run secret tests on her and others who claimed similar abilities. 

Perhaps this was a disinformation tactic of the KGB to get the West to invest resources into dead-end endeavors. Kulagina and the Soviet scientists who studied her would claim until they died that her abilities were genuine and had real effects on her body and environment.

Let’s dive deeper and uncover what impact Ninel Kulagina had on the UFO disclosure. We’ll be focusing on the following questions.

Who is Ninel Kulagina?

What is Ninel Kulagina story?

How did those who studied her explain her abilities?

What effects did it have on her body?

Was this a disinformation campaign, or are these telekinetic abilities a reality?

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