Metamaterials from space bridging Blink-182 Founder, Tom Delong ‘To the Stars Academy’ with the United State Army

In October of 2019, it was announced to the public that former Blink-182 founder, Tom Delong and his research company To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, were teaming up with United States Army’s Combat Capabilities to study metamaterial they obtained from crash UFOs. 

They claim these metamaterials display properties that we cannot recreate. These metamaterials have a chain of custody that connects many people and events throughout the UFO history. To think that the United State Army is teaming up with a UFO group to research exotic metamaterials claimed to be from UFOs is very interesting. 

In this video, we’ll look at these metamaterials and answer the following questions.

   What is the history of these metamaterials? 

   How did these metamaterials end up with To the Stars of Arts and Science?

   What exactly is a metamaterial? And why is this significant? 

   What are the details of the United State Army’s involvement with To the Stars? 

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