Major Donald E. Keyhoe, America’s First UFO Researcher

Who was America's first UFO researcher?

Before Tom Delonge, before Friedman, before Vallée, and before the term UFO existed, there was Major Donald Keyhoe. America’s first mainstream ufologist.

In a time when trust in government was at an all-time high and going against the grain of popular culture was met with severe ostracization, Donald Keyhoe had the courage to investigate and publicly speak out about the UFO phenomena. A marine aviator who had eventually earned the rank of a Major, he used his connections within the military and government to piece together a glimpse into the UFO phenomena and the US government’s contrasting public and private stances on the subject. 

Donald Keyhoe is widely credited with being the first to suggest that there was an active cover-up by the US government regarding the UFO subject and he would discuss this publicly. Through his books, television, and radio appearances many Americans were exposed to the UFO phenomena for the first time. 

Donald Keyhoe would also go on to find one of the world’s leading civilian UFO research organizations, National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). He would spend the rest of his life researching the phenomena. 

In this video, I’ll be focusing on the following questions to better understand Major Donald Keyhoe. 

What did the early days of ufology look like?

What did Donald Keyhoe write about?

What was the legacy that he would leave in a field that he helped create?

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