Jacques Vallée

Who is Jacques Vallée?

One of the most respected people in the UFO research community. Dr.Jacques Vallée began his career as a respected French computer scientist and astronomer. He even helped map Mars and developed ARPANET, a precursor to the internet. He initially did not think the UFO phenomena was real and chose to focus on the traditional sciences of his age. However, through series of events that happened while he was working as an astronomer for the French Space Committee, France’s NASA equivalent he became interested in pursuing the UFO phenomenon.

Since then Jacques Vallée has spent over a half-century researching and writing about the UFO phenomenon. During his time, his views have varied as to what he thinks it is. Jacques background as a respectable scientist gives him a lot of credibility in the UFO community, often cited as one of its pioneers. He even was the inspiration for French ufologist, Claude Lacombe and Steven Spielberg’s movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

In this video, we’ll be covering the following questions: 

What are Jacques Vallée beliefs?

Where does Jacques Vallée come from?

What research has Jacques Vallée done?

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