Cattle Mutilation

The History of the Cattle Mutilation Phenomena

One of the more strange and disturbing aspects of the UFO phenomena, Cattle Mutilation.

Cattle Mutilation is the killing and mutilation of a cattle under unusual and anomalous circumstances. In most cases, mutilation wounds appeared to be clean and carried out surgically. Mutilated animals are often reported to have been drained of blood and show no sign of blood in the immediate area or around their wounds. 

Worldwide sheep, horses, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, bison, deer, and elk have reported mutilated with similar bloodless excisions. Often an ear, eyeball, jaw flesh, tongue, lymph nodes, genitals, and rectum are removed. 

Since the first reports of animal mutilations various explanations have offered. Ranging from natural decomposition and normal predation. To cults and secretive governmental and military agencies. To a range of speculations including cryptid predators and UFOs. 

Mutilations have been the subject of two independent federal investigations in the United States and some government connected agencies has studied this aspect of phenomena as well. In this video, we’ll be focusing on the following questions, to better understand this phenomenon.

What are the typical characteristics regarding cattle mutilation incidents?

What are the leading theories on what causes them?

Where do cattle mutilation typically occur?

How is this aspect of the phenomena related to the recent mainstream media coverage UFOs have received?

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