2004 Nimitz UFO Incident

USS Nimitz UFO Incident 2004

The USS Nimitz UFO incident refers to the 2004 radar visual encounter of an unidentified flying object by US fighter pilots of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. Over the course of 2 weeks, the USS Princeton part of Carrier Strike Group 11 had been tracking mysterious aircrafts intermittently on the advance AN/SPY-1B radar system

The same event eventually occurred while two Navy F-18s were airborne running routine combat exercises in the area. The jets were ordered to go further investigated the UFOs that had been tracked for weeks.

US Top Gun Pilot Spotting UFOs - 2004

The weather conditions for that day showed excellent visibility with blue sky, no cloud cover, and calm sea. When the jet fighters arrived on site, the crew of four saw nothing in the air nor on their radar. 

However, looking down at the sea they noticed a turbulent oval area of turning water with foam and frothy waves. The size of a Boeing 737 airplane with a smoother area of lighter color at the center as if waves are breaking over something just under the surface.

A few seconds later, they noticed an unusual object hovering with erratic movements 50 feet above the blowing water. Both pilots later described the object as a large, bright, white tic-tac, 32-46 feet long with no windshield, no porthole, no wing, and no visible engine or exhausted plume. 

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